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In 2016, SR will operate SRT over the Gyeongbu high speed line and the Honam high speed line.
Each train consists of 10 cars including the power and passenger cars, and the company plans to run a fleet of 32 trains.


SR rail front, top side, a side models

    • Length
    • Width
    • Weight
    • Seats
  • Gross Weight : 406ton (without passengers)
  • Seats : Transport capacity increased by 13% compared from the existing train (363 seats).
  • Manufacturer
    Hyundai Rotem Company
  • Cars per train
    10 Cars including 2 power cars and 8 passenger cars
  • Speed
    Maximum operating speed 300km/h (Maximum design speed 330km/h)

New Features

SRT has significantly improved safety features, such as improved window structures in passenger cars , upgraded handles, reformed footholds of doors, and fire alarms that detect heat and smoke simultaneously.
Passenger Car Windows
By adopting a single window system, the viewing angle from the inside is maintained, whereas the areas exposed to the outside are minimized, reducing damage to the window.
Front Windows
2D-curved glass improves distortion of images and improves the view.
Spare wipers are installed which can be operated by air pressure, even when the electricity is cut off.
Side Buffers
Head joints of side buffers connecting power cars with passenger cars are manufactured as an integral form enhancing strength and safety.
Hatch Controller
Diagnostic control equipment has been upgraded, in case of any emergency.
Pantograph Controller
To prevent dust inflow, the pantograph controller is improved to a box type structure.