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  • SRT, Korea’s New High-Speed Train - SRT is Korea’s new high-speed train operated by SR. SRT stands for ‘Super Rapid Train’ which will run at 300km/h to your destination.
  • Happy Moments, Precious Memories, SR will be with you. - SR will be with your every happy moment and precious memory.
  • SR Train to meet newly

SR Service

More Spacious and Comfortable Trip with Heightened
Safety Standards. SR’s services are ever-changing.
  • A New Railway Transportation Hub

    Such places as Shinsa-dong garosu-gil, Apgujeong Rodeo Street, COEX, and Teheran-ro are attractions visited by many people in Korea and from around the world.

    Suseo Station plays an important role in connecting Gangnam to Korea’s other major cities.

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  • An Economic Hub of the Southern Metropolitan Area

    The City of Dongtan is a regional hub with well-balanced housing, education, culture, and commerce.

    Dongtan Station offers an optimal transit transfer facility that connects the nation’s major cities through high-speed trains, GTX, and buses.

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  • The Gateway to International Industrial Cities

    Pyeongtaek is transforming and emerging as an international city that offers the suitable environment for international exchanges and business across the Yellow Sea.

    Jije Station is located in Pyeongtaek, which conveniently allows transfer to metropolitan railway, as well as connect to a major north-south national highway.

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  • SR Station Sections in service